The Galleries

Transforming otherwise-wasted walls into juicy spaces that celebrate and elevate visual artists at all stages of their careers is one of our passions. Feast upon the industrial spaces we’ve converted into galleries.

The surrounding spaces provide a groovy vibe for an opening reception, and the rooms can also be multi-purposed for any event that could benefit from having some art on the walls. Formal viewings can be arranged throughout a lengthened showing, in addition to the displays being available for all BonnyBoom traffic that comes through the door.

The Main Gallery

Located in the heart of the building, The Main Gallery features the works of one or more visual artists at all times.

Featured is a showing of works by local artist, Declan O’Reilly.

The Michael Green Room

The Michael Green Room, our most intimate gallery, flanks The Main Gallery and pairs nicely when a show features multiple artists. Permanently on display is an original sketch by one local legend, Peter Moller, of another one, Michael Green. Michael is fondly remembered as a foundational contributor to the establishment of experimental and risky performance theatre in the city of Calgary and on the world stage.

Featured is a showing of works by local artist, Brian Jensen, who also takes credit for the feature image on our home page.

The Front Gallery

The Front Gallery

No wall is off the table! The Front Gallery, otherwise hanging pieces from our owner’s personal collection, is an immediate mood-setter if an art show spills out into multiple rooms. The entrance being the front door, guests can step into the offered experience at the same moment their eyes feast upon it.

Featured is a showing of works by local artist, Maksym Isenko.