To provide facilities in which the independent, experimental, risky, low-budget arts sector can thrive and contribute to a vibrant, robust, and essential arts scene in the City of Calgary.


BonnyBoom provides and operates studios, offices, galleries, workshops, rehearsal and meeting spaces for artists from a wide variety of disciplines, at any stage of their career, to develop their craft, create and share their works, and gather to celebrate their community.


  • Our spaces are explicitly inclusive and safe for all gender identities.
  • We welcome and encourage a bohemian operational environment.
  • We promote a positive workspace.

About Our Owner

Doug McKeag, Founder of BonnyBoom

Doug McKeag has worked as a performer and producer in theatre arts for 45 years. His work as an actor has taken him to theatres and concert halls across Canada and around the world.  In 2019 he purchased an industrial property in Calgary and began its transformation into an essential multi-purpose arts creation facility.  Over the past several years Calgary has lost many of its affordable artist studios and “BonnyBoom” is the first step in Doug’s plan to create a vibrant arts hub for Calgary’s next generation of creators.

A Fun Part of Our Story

May 14, 2022 – Naheed Nenshi cut the ribbon (with comically large scissors!) during our grand opening. We were proud to jointly coin the event as “A Theatre Thank You” to our former mayor who is well known for supporting the local performing arts scene.